Teaser of Bran New Kiss And 5th Mini Album

On March 22nd, U-Kiss announced their official comeback through their fancafe for their upcoming fifth mini-album, “Bran New Kiss”!

Just like how the title indicates, the album aims to mark a new start for the group as they make their first step with their two new members.

Kim Tae Hyun, the composer behind the group’s previous hit track, “Shut Up!!“, has returned for the group’s next title track, a sad hip hop song by the name of “0330“. Meanwhile, labelmate senior Paran’s P.O. collaborated with composer SWIN to produce a total of three tracks for the group.

The album features a 48-page booklet and is comprised of six tracks, which are as follows:
01. It’s Time (Intro)
02. 0330 (Title)
03. Words That Hurt Me…
04. Every Day
05. I Don’t Understand
06. Miracle

The full album will hit online music sites on March 30th. The boys will be making their official comeback through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on March 31st.

source: kapamilyanovelas


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