Leeteuk & Hangeng’s Words Get Lost In Translation

Super Junior leader Leeteuk has landed himself in hot water yet again, this time in a battle of words against former member Hangeng, for a comment that was never actually said.

Holding a press conference to promote his new movie, “Daemusaeng”, Hangeng was asked by a reporter “Not long ago, a member of Super Junior was hit and injured by a water bottle during a performance in Shanghai. Did you hear about this?”.

Hangeng responded that he did not know, saying “I should call and make sure he’s okay.”

Things were going fine until he added, “I made several attempts to get in contact, but they ignored my calls.” leaving many shocked over his response.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk responded through twitter tweeting “Our door is always open, there is always an empty seat left for you. It’d be nice if you told the truth. We’ve never let go of your hand, I don’t want to be sad because of lies anymore. We’re Super Junior! I wish you happiness.”

Netizens priased Leeteuk for his mature response, but there’s only slight problem…..Hangeng never actually said that!

It turns reporters had misunderstood Hangeng’s response when he actually said “I didn’t know that and I should call to check on him. It actually has happened to me before as well but I managed to dodge it”, never once mentioning his calls being ignored.

Ouch talk about a big understanding! Even if it is the reporters fault, do you think Hangeng deserves an apology from Leeteuk?

source: popseoul


2 responses to “Leeteuk & Hangeng’s Words Get Lost In Translation

  1. leeteuk or park jung so is a best leader boyband in seoul,south korea . im happy cause leeteuk is the best leader boyband. bacause of him kind less park jung so is the best leader boyband.

  2. never give up..sj ever

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