The new SBS drama 49 Days is engulfed in controversy. There is an article that states that the new drama plagiarized a fanfic story written about the group Shinhwa back in 2003. The first episode of 49 Days aired the 16th, and it tells the story about a woman that has fallen into a coma, and has 49 Days to try and come back to life. Similarly, the fanfic is about the main character falling into a coma after escaping death, and has 49 days to get reborn.

Netizens replied that the storyline of the main character having 49 days to complete a mission in order to come back to life is too similar to be a coincidence, and has raised plagiarism allegations. Other similarities include that both main characters fall into a coma after suffering a car accident, and in both stories the grim reaper enjoys riding a motorcycle.

SBS officials stated:

“There have been a lot of dramas that involve getting possessed. 49 Days and the fanfic have similar materials, but that does not mean it is plagiarized. They continued by mentioning that writer Kim Soo Hyun’s Life Is Beautiful and Kim Eun Suk’s Secret Garden were also accused of plagiarism after they gained a lot of popularity. 49 Days is absolutely not plagiarized.”

source: hellokpop

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