Infinite releases “Nothing’s Over” MV

Male group Infinite is back. From the same entertainment company as indie hip-hop trio Epik High, Infinite has finally released their music video “Nothing’s Over” after releasing their teaser on March 9th and second teaser on March 14th.

“Nothing’s Over” is introduced as an easy-to-listen song with its unique sound. It showcases a side of Infinite that fans have not seen since the group’s debut in 2010 with “Come Back Again”. The members of Infinite can be seen in various locations, such as a parking lot with the letters making up “Nothing’s Over” written out on boxes, and a room full of what looks like magazine or newspaper clippings stuck to the wall (and toilet paper on the floor?).

The music video was directed by the same person who directed Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”, IU’s “Good Day”, and Infinite’s “Before The Dawn (BTD)”.

How did you like their comeback music video and the song? Are you looking forward to their single? Infinite’s 1st single is set to be released on March 17th.

source: koreaboo


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