[FanFic] Of Chocolates and Flowers Part 1

By: Miyo of TwelfsPh

Of Chocolates and Flowers (Multi Chpater. Pairings: SiwonxOCxTOP. Cross over with Big Bang. Summary: What if someone tells you that they can make you fall in love with them for 3 days? Will you actually fall for him? or just let his efforts pass like the wind?

February can be considered as the most romantic month for couples. However, not everyone celebrates this season one is Kim Han-Lei. She is beautiful, sporty and smart. Her smile that melts the coldest of all hearts can’t be missed by her schoolmates. Despite her bubbly character, no guys seem to notice and befriend her except for one guy. All of her friends are girls, making some people curious if she is straight, bisexual or lesbian. Another factor is her short brown hair and the fact that she can usually be seen around the field or gymnasium- playing track and field or basketball. A fourth year senior student, her schedule comprises of university examinations and interviews. Despite the busy schedule, she still manages to play her favorite sports.

Another student who doesn’t celebrate love month is Choi Siwon. He is considered to be the Adonis of their campus. Being a heart-rob, many students are giving him gifts and considered as the perfect boy friend. To maintain his image, he accepts the gifts and smiles as if it means the world to him. However, he feels that there is something missing in his life. And that is a true lover. He wants to experience true love and how it feels to be loved. During this time of year, he is absorbed in finding the right University and if he will accept the offer made by a certain entertainment industry.

4 days before Valentine’s Day, Cheongnam High School is already busy preparing for the Valentine Festival. Students, especially seniors, are setting up booths with different themes such as café, mini-games, foods, marriage booth, kissing both and couple activities. To add more festive air, heart-shaped confetti and posters hangs all over the school grounds. Heart shaped papers are also hanging on trees with messages on it. And near the entrance of the Main Building, a gigantic heart mural is hanged. The heart mural is a collage of pictures that shows love.

Kim Han-Lei, purposely ignoring the celebration, busied herself with different applications pilled on her desk- Applications for varsity player, scholarship and top universities abroad. Her classmates keep on pestering her for participation, each earning a death glare from the said student. Giving up, they stopped asking her to join and let her be. Enjoying the solitude and serenity inside her classroom, she became inspired in making a draft for the essay portion in her application.

A few minutes have passed and she already accomplished half of the questions to be answered, when the door opened. “Excuse me,” she heard a male voice spoke. Looking up, she saw the school Adonis standing on the doorway and looking like a lost puppy.

“What do you want?” She asked coldly, irritated for someone disturbed her quality time with the application form. Shrugging his presence, she returned working on the once abandoned essay. From her peripheral vision, she can see that he took his seat on the lone empty chair in front of her and quickly placed his arm on her desk, trying to make a small talk with her.

Siwon eyed the half-filled application form on her desk and tried to read the essay. The cursive penmanship amazed him, it is as if computerized. “You are applying as a basketball varsity player and yet you don’t have any evidence to prove it.” He spoke with an amused tone.

Han-Lei raised an eyebrow at him and shrugged, “why do you care? Excuse me I need to finish this.” She replied and continued writing essay, getting more annoyed because of the disturbance caused by him. All her ideas slowly slipped off her mind the moment he stepped inside the room. Putting down her pen in an angry manner, she stood up and gathered her things.

He watched her gathering the papers and putting it on a brown envelope when an idea appeared in his mind. “I can give you free trainings to impress the professors or dean of the university you are applying.” He stated proudly, a smile appearing on his face, allowing her to see his deep set of dimples.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t accept help from strangers” she replied cockily. Well, she doesn’t really accept help from everyone, it just hurts her pride. She is used on doing things on her own and a heart-rob will not change her mind. Slinging her backpack on her left shoulder, she headed to the door and about to go out when he spoke again.

“You are pretty, smart, talented and sporty. And Can be considered as the perfect girlfriend, but nobody tried to court you. I’ll make you fall in love with me before Valentine’s day.”

The tone he used sounded certain making her more annoyed by the minute. She glanced back at him and gave him a death stare, “like you can. I don’t fall in love the easily.” And with the last statement, she stepped out of the room and slammed the door shut.

“We will see, Kim Han-Lei I’m sure you’ll fall in love with me for the next 72 hours.”


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