SECRET’s Ji Eun on going solo, her transformation, and increased popularity

SECRET’s Song Ji Eun launched her debut solo track “Going Crazy” almost two weeks ago, but she’s still setting music charts afire, even besting some of the other big name stars who began their comeback promotions around the same time.

When told of her popularity, however, Ji Eun cocked her head with confusion. “When I was just about to release the album, I thought to myself that I’d consider it a success if it even ranked in the top 50. My agency didn’t give me any pressure about music chart rankings since this album aimed to show my talent as a singer, and the image transformation I was capable of. The results are definitely better than what we all expected, so it’s a great feeling.”

In order to prepare for her solo comeback, Ji Eun revealed that she worked especially hard so that she would not falter before the pressures of going solo. She paid close attention to her facial expressions and breathing techniques, and even took piano lessons to perfect her stage.

Ji Eun explained, “Now that I’ve begun performing on TV as a solo, I’ve realized that facial expressions are extremely important. Before, I thought my live singing was the most important, and since I don’t have much experience being on my own, it really was very difficult. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about now that I’m without my group.”

She continued, “I’m still lacking a lot of things, but the aspect I’m most concerned about is my breathing. I get so nervous on live broadcasts that I can’t control it. Whenever my pitch doesn’t come out the way I want it to, it shows right away on my face.”

At the mention of her striking new hair color, she revealed, “I honestly didn’t like my hair color at first, but I knew that I had to give up the thought of ‘looking pretty’ this time (laughter). My goal was to show a different side to myself, so I’m glad that my fans enjoy it (laughter).”

The concept for “Going Crazy” is just as ‘out there’ as her hair color. Although it’s a standard ballad with traces of hip hop, the lyrics carries the song to new levels with its descriptions of a stalker-like relationship, and the inter-changing viewpoints between the man and woman involved.

She stated, “Like I said before, this song was not created to fit the norm, but rather, was meant to represent another image of myself. I wanted to leave a strong impact in the minds of the public, as well as attempt a genre that is normally hard for other idols to take on.”

Ji Eun also explained that collaborating with rapper Bang Yong Guk was a new challenge for her.“Collaborating with Yong Guk helped in bringing me out from my shell. I always thought that idols had to look at the camera and sing as prettily as possible, but working with a partner this time presented new challenges that helped a lot in bringing me out. I haven’t run into any problems in working with Yong Guk, since he’s been promoting underground for a long time.”

Ji Eun concluded the interview by discussing the future plans for herself and SECRET. “This solo album can be seen as a departure from SECRET’s original color. The other members will be beginning their own solo activities with their own colors, so please give them your love and support (laughter).”

source: allkpop


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