Jay to star on Ne-Yo’s Korean concert’s opening stage

Singer Park Jaebum will be holding a solo opening stage for worldwide pop star Ne-Yo’s Korean concert.

In Ne-Yo’s Korean concert, which will be opening at 8PM, March 30th, at the Olympic Gymnasium with Hyundae Department Store’s 40th anniversary, Park Jaebum will be making a rare appearance at an official event.

Also, Park Jaebum added warmth by declaring he wanted to participate in such a meaningful event upon hearing Ne-Yo wanting to become a day-to-day professor at a dream academy by arriving in Korea 3~4 days before the concert.

Park Jaebum passed on, “I always admired Ne-Yo as an artist, and (was influenced to) start(ed) my dream as a musician. I decided to participate because I was so thankful and touched upon hearing a foreign artist wanted to do something nice in the country.”

On the other hand, Ne-Yo is a singer-songwriter that took Billboard’s No. 1 spot right after debut in 2007, and recorded 100K+ in album sales in America 10 weeks after an album release.

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