‘Brothers & Me’ sung together by ‘Kim Tae Woo’, Rain, and JYP, is released in advance.

A song the three of ‘Kim Tae Woo’ who is the former member of GOD, Rain, and JYP, sing together, has been released.

‘Brothers & Me’, a song in singer ‘Kim Tae Woo’s 2nd full album, has been released in advance on major online music websites such as Melon, Mnet, Dosirack, Soribada, Bucks, etc. on the 15th.

It is regarded that the strong and heart-warming friendship of the tree men who have become close since they first met through music 10 years ago, is in the song, ‘Brothers&Me’.

It is said that a music video of this song was produced in profound secrecy in JYP Studio at 11pm on the 26th last month, which especially shows their personal attractions.

Meanwhile, ‘Kim Tae Woo’ will officially start work, starting with the release of his album on the 22nd.

source: dkpopnews


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