Jaebum says, “I’m always sorry to 2PM, I wish they missed me too.”

Jaebum Park expressed his longing and apologetic heart towards 2PM‘s members on the March 12th broadcast of Guerrilla Date.

Recently, Jaebum apologized to 2PM and his ex-agency, JYP, through his fan cafe. When the interview on Guerrilla Date inquired about the apology he wrote, Jaebum said:

Now that I’m able to come on TV and release an album, I wanted to put everything back to its place. I wrote it with the heart to fix everything.

However, we never contacted each other. As I come on TV, I think I would be really happy to see them. I miss 2PM the most and I wish they miss me too.

I always said I’m sorry to 2PM, only through the internet, but I want to say sorry to 2PM.

Jaebum wrote the following onto his fan cafe:

I have so much to say to 2PM, but I’m too sorry to even say a word to them. My mistake led to leaving 2PM and 2PM members, who I lived with and went through ups and downs. They had a hard time just because of me, when they didn’t do anything wrong. When I came on TV as a member of 2PM, my mistake led to many Koreans to be disappointed. Also, I’m still sorry to the producer of JYP, Jin Young Park, for letting him down.

source: hellokpop


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