Alexander joins 3rdWaveMusic!

The former U-kiss member has found a new temporary musical home.

It may not be as glamorous as one of the top K-pop entertainment companies, but 3rdWave is an organization close to the singer’s heart. He has agreed to be apart of upcoming projects for the group. The company, headed by a pastor (that promotes Christian values), has just taken Alexander under their wing.

The following message was tweeted March 13th on 3rdWaveMusic‘s twitter:

“NEWS FLASH: Brian and PJ have agreed to have Alexander formerly of UKISS. We are going to announce his involvement with 3RD WAVE Projects”

Congratulations to Alexander!

source: popseoul


One response to “Alexander joins 3rdWaveMusic!

  1. Waaaaa!! I hope Xander oppa will be more successful and show that stupid company what a talented star he is!!!!!

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