TEEN TOP on 12-hour rehearsals, their rivalry with INFINITE, and missing school

When TEEN TOP made their debut last year, their youthful energy and vibrancy caught the attention of many new fans. This time, the boys managed to deliver another promising promotion cycle with their comeback track, “Supa Luv“, which showcased their potential and growth.

They introduced their album by stating, “‘Supa Luv’ is a song about a man saying there’s no one in the world who would love his crush as much as he does. We think the album’s color is best described as ’silver’. Our concept is ‘cyborg’, which is why we think it fits.”

When asked how long they practiced to perfect their complex choreography, they answered, “We really can’t measure it.  We prepared for ‘Supa Luv’ for about three months, and rehearsed approximately 12 hours a day.  We were determined to show precise performances to the public and worked hard to make sure that there weren’t any errors.

Having been raised by one of K-pop’s most legendary groups, Shinhwa, the boys chose Shinhwa as their role models.  “We want to maintain our friendship for a very long time, just like our Shinhwa seniors. Sometimes we want to be like Minwoo-senior, but most of  all we want to be like Andy-hyung; we love Andy the most (laughter). He monitors for us and gives us a lot of advice on what he thinks is good or bad.”

At the mention of their supposed rivalry with rookie group INFINITE, they explained, “We don’t consider them our rivals, just friends that we work hard together with. We both have to do well (laughter).  Since we’re younger than the INFINITE hyungs, we still have potential which might help us succeed.  We have infinite potential.”

When asked about their plans for a Japanese advancement later this year, they replied, “We haven’t officially debuted in Japan yet, but we have done a few promotions and met with fans.  We’ll be releasing our official album soon and begin activities then, so please give us your support.”

Speaking of overseas advancements, the group was recently introduced on a French TV program.  “They complimented us on our hair colors and praised our performance, so we’re very thankful.  Until we study French, we think a French advancement isn’t possible.  But if they request for us, we’ll go and visit with our awkward French (laughter).”

When asked to describe their personalities, they revealed, Changjo is the noisiest member, as well as the mood-maker of the group.  He’s also photogenic and exudes a chic, sexy, sometimes cute image, but he’s very different from how he seems on camera.  He’s a bit four-dimensional, because when we’re in our dorms, it turns into Changjo’s personal world.  He’ll wrestle with the pillows (laughter).”

They continued, “Ricky is the nicest to the fans.  Killer smile Ricky!  Ricky’s like a cute little baby because he’ll forgive anything as long as you give him food. C.A.P-hyung has a lot of male fans, since he looks both charismatic and cold, which are both his charms. Because he’s so masculine, he’s also very dependable.

“The way Niel talks is unique, but also kind of awkward.  Chunji looks like a your standard pretty boy, but he’s actually quite the prankster. L. Joe, unlike his image on stage, is a rascal.”

Despite their vivid personalities, one cannot forget their young ages.  The members are still students and should be busily studying instead of working 12-hour days. The members commented, “We do miss our school lives, but working all across the country every day feels like a school trip. We’re really jealous of our friends when they go to hang out after school, and although we’re glad we don’t have to focus on college entrance exam preparations, we do want to experience college life.”

C.A.P, who will be entering college this year, continued, “I was a bit upset in not being able to participate in the graduation ceremony, but I won’t be able to enjoy my college years as well. When I go to college, I want to go to orientations and MT with my classmates, things only college students can experience. Even the romantic fantasies, like laying down on the grass on campus.”

Don’t they want any free time?  Their eyes sparkled as they answered, “We want to visit Disneyland when we go to Japan.  They always say we don’t have time, so a camping trip with a rental car would be nice.”

Chunji, when asked about the future of TEEN TOP, replied, “Through ‘Supa Luv,’ we hope to achieve more popularity; afterwards, we hope to return with a more impressive comeback that garners more love from the public.”

Leader C.A.P continued, “We want to win the rookie award, and even the daesang.  I hope we’re able to achieve a rookie award and a #1 on a music program for 2011. We’ll be working hard on our recent album release with a variety of unique images, and will continue to make an effort to reach you with something new each time. We can do it!”

Niel added, “We’ll show you our infinite potential,” while Changjo concluded, “Even though we may still look like babies, we’ll work to show you our growth and captivate you with a TEEN TOP-like force.”

Source: allkpop



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