Alexander and Kim Kibum withdraw from U-Kiss

Star News has reported the withdrawal of Alexander and Kim Kibum from the seven-member group U-Kiss. According to officials on February 23rd, the two members recently decided to withdraw from the group. Due to this, the duo will not be participating in U-Kiss’s comeback album.

According to the agency, Alexander has left the group due to personal reasons after talks with them, as well as to focus on his studies. Kibum left the group because of the doll character business with his older brother, as well as due to conflicts in his personal life. He made the choice because he could not handle both his personal life and his group promotions.

One of Kibum’s latest tweets had been, “In March, there will be bad news. When the time comes, I will tell you.” Because of their withdrawal, many have suspects that there will be changes in U-Kiss’s comeback. However, their agency, NH Media, has not said anything regarding the matter.

Currently, Dongho has been casted in both a drama and two movies, and the amount of contribution he will put forth in the group’s activities has created a lot of interest. Dongho has taken part of the MBC drama “Royal Family”, which will start broadcasting on March 2nd. He also took part in two movies, “Happy Together” and “Don’t Cry Mommy”, and will also be in a new cable show entitled “Real School” on MBC Everyone.

There is also interest in how the group will be like after Alexander and Kibum’s withdrawal, and whether new members will be introduced to the team. In addition, there are many wondering how U-Kiss’s activities will stand without Alexander and Kibum.

source: koreaboo


4 responses to “Alexander and Kim Kibum withdraw from U-Kiss

  1. I am very sad that they are leaving 😦 I just got into the band not to long ago and now the band is not even going to be together for long I hope they change thier minds about it:( 😦 😦 😦

  2. this is so sad. but things happen, i will support their decision though…

  3. Quinn Alexandra

    Of course… it had to be on my birthday. *sobs*

  4. I got to know U-Kiss thru cute Alexander….. and now his leaving the group, feel so sad, anyway….. gambateh Xander <3<3<3

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