MBLAQ Reveals Details from their Repackaged Album

Previously announced MBLAQ will be back with a repackaged album and J.Tune Camp has shared more details about it.

According to J.Tune Camp MBLAQ will start with their follow up promotions on the 24th.

the band will realese on the 22nd a repackaged version of heir first full lenght album that is now goign to be called ‘BLAQ Style 3D Edition’.

The album will have 16 tracks that include the 13 from their original album plus 3 more original songs. They will also include a DVD with the private making of the music videos.

Fans will be able to get the ‘BLAQ Style 3D Edition’ on the 22nd at midnight and at the stores the same day.

J.Tune Camp finally thanked the fans and asked them to support the band on their future activities.

It looks like the boys have decided to keep with their schedules despite their recent health problems, as well as the comeback of Big Bang. MBLAQ is ready for the war.

source: gokpop


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