Celebrities Gather for the Second Pink Wings Campaign

The charity photoshoot titled Pink Wings Campaign garnered a lot of attention for the participation of some of Korea’s top actresses and singers last year. And now, it’s back for the second time around.

Hosted by Vogue Girl Korea, and the Shinsegae Department Store’s Kangnam branch, a new batch of gorgeous actresses have enlisted their support to the aforementioned campaign in order to support young people who are bread winners of their respective households. Actresses Kong Hyojin, Choi Kanghee, Lee Hana, Yoon Seungah, Kim Soeun, Kim Minjung, Seo Hyorim, Park Soojin and Jang Heejin gathered together for this pictorial. Both Min Hyorin and Park Minyoung who participated in last year’s shoot have lent their support for this year’s special cause again.

In addition to the aforementioned actresses, a few girl group members have also graced this pictorial as well. The list includes Dal★Shabet, Jewelry, Miss A’s Min and After School’s Lizzy and Nana. It was reported that the images from this pictorial will be published in a 50-page special for Vogue Girl magazine’s March edition which will in turn be out Friday.

It is indeed uplifting to see celebrities gather for a good cause to help those who have less in life. Check out more pictures from the shoot below!

source: kpoplive


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