“My Black Mini Dress” will be released in March

“My Black Mini Dress”, which will be released on March 24th, has been gaining a lot of attention ever since the casting was confirmed. Yoon Eunhye, Park Hanbyul, Cha Yaeryun, Yoo Inna, and many other magnificent actresses have been casted for this upcoming movie. “My Black Mini Dress”, has recently gained a lot of attention by revealing its first poster.

“My Black Mini Dress” was originally written by Kim Minsun in 2009 and now is being made into a movie. The poster reveals the movie’s namesake styled in a way so that one can wear it to a graduation, a wedding, a funeral service, and even to a coming-of-age ceremony. It shows that a black mini dress is a “must-have item” and tells the story of women in their 20’s who enjoy wearing the article of clothing.

“My Black Mini Dress” tells the truthful and youthful story of fashionable ladies and their styling of the “must-have item.” This movie will gain the attention of many women in their 20’s, as they will be able to relate to the characters on screen and their story as they wear the “it” item.

source: koreaboo


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