Secret’s “Shy Boy”, From BEAST To Big Bang

Korean girl group Secret’s recent performance for “Shy Boy” is really getting alot of attention.

Not just from their funky music, but also for their clothes, hair, and choreographyis getting a lot of attention in their new song “Shy Boy.”

Secret performed their dance called ‘Seed Dance’ which is included for Fan Service.

‘Seed Dance’ is where Secret shows other Idol Group’s dance in their ‘Shy Boy’ Choreography, from Beast’s ‘Breathe’ to DBSK’s ‘Why’, Shinee’s ‘Lucifer’, Mblaq’s ‘Stay’, Big Bang’s ‘Lie’, etc.

According to Secret’s Company, TS Entertainment they wanted to thank the fans for having Interest in Secret’s choreography, so in return they created ‘Seed Dance’ while thinking about their stage performances and since its been getting alot of attention, other Idol Groups ask to put their choreography in Secret’s stage as well.

source: gokpop


One response to “Secret’s “Shy Boy”, From BEAST To Big Bang

  1. secret…fresh style perfoments,I like it

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