2NE1 Volunteer as Mothers for Charity

2NE1 members Dara, Minzy and CL with Jinusean’s Sean had recently payed a visit to the children of the Holt Children shelter for orphan children. The idols got to spend some time and play with the babies from the shelter, and their special moments together was uploaded by Sean via his Twitter account.

With 2NE1’s loving efforts and popularity, Sean was hoping that this organization will be more known to their fans and hopefully encourage and enlighten others about what adopting and volunteering is all about.

As a Christian organization, their main goal is to give their orphaned and abandoned children a nurturing and happy life. 2NE1 has definitely brought joy to the small children of this shelter!

Below are some photos of of the girls being mothers to the adorable kids of Holt Children!

<Caption: Sleeping Angel on CL’s warm and comfortable shoulder… a picture of LOVE…>

<Caption: CL and baby were laughing so much they both fell asleep together. Maybe because it’s a lot of work playing with babies?>

<Caption: Our warm, sweet and beautiful Baby Minzy holding a baby… amazing and priceless… >

<Caption: Dara’s a good loving idol, great daughter & sister, loyal friend will be a great Mom.>


Credit: GoKpop


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  1. fight 4 japan 2ne1

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