KARA Members Leave DSP Media

KARA’s members Goo Hara, Jung Nicole, Kang Ji Young and Han Seung Yeon have decided to leave DSP Media Entertainment.

The four members have released a statement trough their lawyers where they have mentioned their will to stop their activities with DSP.

According to their lawyers the girls have been suffering under the label for a long time and after a lot of consideration arrived to this decision.

They have mentioned that the company forced them to complete extreme schedules without discussing it with the members. The girls have said that the psychological they have suffered wont allow them to keep on working with DSP. It has also been reported that there are more reasons behind this decision that haven’t been revealed yet.

Their leader Park Gyuri was not aware of this situation until it was revealed to the public. She has commented that she will talk discuss the issue the other members and the company before releasing an official statement.

DSP on the other hand has said they will release an official statement regarding this matter in the near future.

The future of KARA is still unknown so stay tuned for more updates on this new Kpop scandal.

source: gokpop


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