Gyuri believes Kara should stay together + will continue activities

Previously reported that the Kara members minus leader Gyuri will be attempting to leave DSP. However, Gyuri has spoken up to say that she believes it’s best for Kara to stay together, and that she will protect Kara until the end.

In an interview, she said, “I just heard that the other had requested an exit from the company. I don’t know anything yet. I have to talk to the company and the others. I have to figure out by reading the articles right now. I ended late because of my radio yesterday, and I’m not with them right now. But I believe it’s the best for Kara to stay together. I’m going to talk to them after I fully understand this situation.”

DSP Media has confirmed that Gyuri will not be stopping any sort of activities. Many fans had been curious if she would continue to DJ on “Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Shim Shim Ta Pa”, and DSP has confirmed that she will still be the radio show’s main female DJ.

source: koreaboo


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