GD&TOP muse on their “warm up” before Big Bang’s comeback

GD&TOP recently sat down for an insightful interview with SPN, which explored their concerns over their duo project, their anticipation for the Big Bang album, and their future plans.

As usual, the boys delivered honest answers when it came to questions about their achievements. “We worried since it’s been such a long time that we last released an album, but we even won on music programs. It’s so refreshing.”

The duo managed to rank first on various music programs within two weeks of their promotion cycle. “It’s been about two and a half years since we last stood on a Korean stage, so we always wondered whether we’d have the same impact as the old times. We fully believed that it was a hiatus long enough for fans to have forgotten us.”

Naturally, once they made their return, it was apparent that their fears were unfounded. “Now we’re really excited about what our fans will think of our next Big Bang album.”

G-Dragon continued, “Before, we melted all five of our charms into one song; but we created this album with just the talents from us two rappers. It feels like our skills have improved.“ T.O.P expressed, “We built upon our efforts layer-by-layer in order to complete a song. It’s a fun warm up before Big Bang’s official comeback in February.”

Speaking of Big Bang, what could G-Dragon and T.O.P tell fans about the upcoming album?

“After lengthy discussions with the members, we all came to the conclusion that it’d be better to return to the original image of Big Bang that the public fell in love with, instead of attempting something new,” they explained.

Although zero details about the album were revealed, the boys hinted, “The public and our members seem to be tired of electronic sounds, so we’re preparing warmer, more emotional sounds that give an analog feel. There is a bit of rock influence as well.”

They concluded, “Since it’s the first time in a while that we’re all promoting together, we want to make sure that we show everyone how much we’ve improved as ‘Big Bang’. We’re also planning more long-term projects and songs in order to meet the fans who have been waiting for us for so long.”

Source: SPN via Nate, Edaily
Credit: VITALSIGN @ allkpop


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