Professor poetically describes Sandara Park’s beauty

Sandara Park of 2NE1 is well known and praised for her selcas and perfect skin. But a professor gives praise to her beauty for a completely different reason.

Yonsei University, one of the most prestigious colleges in Korea is home to Professor Ma Kwangsoo. The professor wrote a poem titled Singer Sandara Park’s Lion Hair after watching 2NE1‘s It Hurts music video. Wherein the video Dara is somewhat swallowed by a thick wild head of hair, or as the professor calls it a lion’s mane.

Dara’s hair inspired the professor to write a poem proclaiming his love towards Dara and her extravagant head of hair. He wrote:

“Her hair comes down all the way to her waist. On top of that, her hair is puffed up so it looks like a male lion’s mane, and it looks incredibly sexy. This is the victory of man-made beauty. What if it’s a wig or if it’s real hair? You, take my word. The era of natural beauties is gone.”

“Sandara Park has a very plain face. But once you give her that kind of shocking hair style, she becomes extremely sexy. I want to give the stylist a high score for thinking of that concept. Her hair is quite obviously a wig. I asked others how much it would be, and I heard you can buy the wig for 95,000 KRW (84.52 USD). But it doesn’t matter that it’s a wig. I think it’s incredible you can make that kind of beauty.”

The second quote conflicts with most people’s opinion towards selcas. Selcas being all about dressing down completely and no makeup to show natural beauty.

Of course Dara is always beautiful, but what do you think about Professor Ma’s poem and his idea era of natural beauties is gone?

source: hellokpop


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