Seungri and IU’s Duet, A Promise from 3 Years Ago

Previously reported, the tracklist for Seungri’s mini album features a duet with IU and apparently, this was a duet that had been promised to be done 3 years ago.

Big Bang’s maknae, Seungri, will be releasing his debut mini solo album on the 20th of this month. We previously reported the confirmed tracklist of the mini and it seems that his duet with IU is garning a lot of attention.

Just yesterday(on the 10th), on the YG-life Blog, the release date for Seungri’s mini album ‘VVIP’ was confirmed. It was also said that he would release a video teaser for the song ‘So What’ sometime soon. On the 20th, two MV will be released for the double title tacks coming from the mini. |

There are a total of 7 tracks in this mini album(known as EP in other regions of the world) and Seungri himself worked on most of these songs. The fifth song, titled ‘I Know’ is a duet with soloist IU.

IU has sung many duets before, notably with 2AM’s Seulong and with Sung Shikyung. Both duets have faired well in the charts and she’s currently the female soloist that gets the most offers to sing a duet with.

A representative said, “It was before IU debuted 3 years ago and she happened to meet the members of Big Bang. After that, she’s been keeping in touch with the members and during that time, Seungri offered to IU that when she debuted that they should sing a duet together. Currently, IU is getting a lot of offers to sing duet songs but among those, she decided to do a duet with Seungri in order to keep the promise she made with Seungri.”

In IU’s duets, her voice wraps around the other person’s voice, giving it a warm feeling. It’s also been noted that Big Bang’s Seungri has a unique voice when he sings. The representative continued, “IU’s husky voice and Seungri’s unique voice work well together and it’s a new partnership that makes the song sound fresh and cute. They’re not that far apart from each other age-wise and seemed comfortable around each other so they were able to finish the recording well.”

Seungri has improved as a musician as he took part in creating his solo mini album. YG Entertainment’s president, Yang Hyun Seok, expressed his enthusiasm as the release date is approaching and said that he’s expecting a lot from this album. Seungri will be promoting his two title tracks, ‘VVIP’ and ‘So What’ starting from next week once the EP is released.



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