TVXQ’s Changmin kisses his bride in “Paradise Ranch”

For SBS’s upcoming drama “Paradise Ranch”, starring TVXQ’s Max Changmin and fellow actress in SM Entertainment, Lee Yeon Hee, wedding photographs have been revealed. The pictures reveal part of the synopsis, as the couple gets married at a young age and happily kiss at their wedding. Many fans are excited after seeing the photo teasers, as Max Changmin kisses Lee Yeon Hee on her cheek and embraces her tightly creating a warm lively atmosphere. Unfortunately, the happiness in the picture only lasted when they married at a really young age. The plot goes on to reveal that they later decided to get a divorce.

The first episode of the long-awaited drama “Paradise Ranch” will air on January 26th.

With Yunho and Changmin’s comeback on Music Bank and these teaser pictures, today has been delightful for Cassies. Are you excited?

source: koreaboo

2 responses to “TVXQ’s Changmin kisses his bride in “Paradise Ranch”

  1. wew, i’m jealous with her~ kekeke

  2. oh god! thank you! i thought he’s for real married!!!

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