Top Ten Korean Boy Bands in Peru

One of the most important Peruvian’s news station recently made a poll to pick the top ten Korean bands in the country.

The Latin American country is really close with the Korean entertainment due to the fact that many dramas like Goong, Stairway to Heaven, My Lovely Sam Soon, Winter Sonata, and more are broadcasted there.

This time the news station revealed at their website the final list of the top ten Korean boy bands.

SHINee was the band that got the first place followed by SS501, JYJ, Super Junior and MBLAQ.

The list includes bands that debuted a long time ago, as well as new ones.

1. SHINee – 42,970
2. SS501 – 37,740
3. JYJ – 24,500
4. Super Junior – 23,710
5. MBLAQ – 22,260
6. C.N. Blue – 19,400
7. F.T. Island – 18,760
8. 2PM – 18,280
9. BEAST – 9,990
10. Big Bang – 9,620

Fans left messages congratulating the winners and also being thankful because the Korean pop is being promoted.

Credit: Gokpop

3 responses to “Top Ten Korean Boy Bands in Peru

  1. i love your chart…i watched many chart like this before but they did not put ss501 in their lists…for me ss501 were all talented n they deserved to be in at least top 5…but why JYJ n not DBSK, i love them to be 55 as 1 same as ss501..

    anyway love your lists= )))

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