Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki to star in new movie ‘Eerie Romance’

Son Ye Jin has decided her next project to A new romance Korean movie tentatively titled ‘Eerie Romance’ (??? ??). She will play the female lead along with Korean actor Lee Min Ki (Haeundae).

The movie depicts the story of woman (played by Son) with special ability to be able to see a ghost. Unfortunately, her ability brings a lot of unexpected things to people around her. Therefore, she expels herself from the outside world in order to not causes bad things occurred. One day, a man (Lee) appears in her life and attempts to protect her.

The movie will be directed by Hwang In Ho, who penned romance Korean movies ‘Love Phobia’ (2006) and ‘Two Faces of My Girlfriend’ (2007). It will be Hwang’s directorial debut movie.

The filming of ‘Eerie Romance’ is going to hold soon. And the release date has yet to be decided. Looks like we have to wait and look forward the upcoming news.

source: mumuy


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