Drama ‘49 Days’ Reveals Cast

The new drama from SBS has already selected Jung Il Woo, Jo Hyun Jae and Nam Gyuri as part of the cast.

The cast includes Jung Il Woo, who has been part of ‘Unstoppable High Kick’, ‘Take Care of the Young Lady’ and ‘The Return of Iljimae’; also former Seeya member Nam Gyuri and Jo Hyun Jae.

Jo Hyun Jae, whose last work was ‘Three Dads, One Mom’ will be returning to the screen after his military service.

’49 Days’ tells the story of a woman, played by Nam Gyuri, who has happy life but encounters a car accident that leads to her death. Her spirit meets the character played by Jung Il Woo, who is the one in charge to guide her to the afterlife. He helps her return to the living world by borrowing the body of someone else, and she will need the sincere tears of three people, except her parents. There aren’t many detains about the role of Jo Hyun Jae, but it has been said that he will be involved with the other two characters.

According to the Buddhism the 49 days refers to the time that a soul spends as a transition period, before the karma decided if that person might be reborn in the next life.

The writer of the drama is So Hyun Kyung, who previously worked on ‘Brilliant Legacy’ also known as ‘Shinning Inheritance’, and ‘Prosecutor Princess’.

source: gokpop


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