TOP’s “relationship map” revealed!

Possessing an irresistible charisma on stage, the more we talk with him, the more we see his humanity. When asked about how a lot of people say that he’s a prankster, he smiled shyly and said, ”I’ve always been like that from the start.” How do his different personalities of being a 24-year-old mischievous kid, a mature actor and a perfectionist musician co-exist?

Even with his attractive face, he only has male friends. Not just because he has only worked with just men, but together with his character of being afraid of mingling with strangers, he is seen as unapproachable. But his friends and female artists can’t blame him.

When asked about how he’s not like others who keep in contact with female artists and then introduce them to their male friends, he said, ”I don’t present myself like this intentionally. I also want to know how to get their contacts (of female artists)!“
To get to know him better, let’s have a close look at his relationship map:

1) YG President Yang Hyun Seok
TOP: Yang Hyun Seok and the members of BIGBANG are the first people that came to T.O.P’s mind. He says, ”Ever since I was young, I dreamt of training other musicians and had a very strong interest towards hip-hop. This is why I was a fan (of President Yang).” After having his first meeting with him, T.O.P has regarded him as someone he can lean on. He explains, ”Whenever I think too much by myself, he asks me why I always think so much and then would lead me to the right direction.“

2) Lee Byung Hun
T.O.P: “He is the senior who teaches me how to act without any reservations. Ever since we worked together in Iris, we have kept a special relationship. He’s not the type ofhyung who only treats his brothers well when he’s free. I have been receiving a lot of love and care from him.“

3) Kwon Sang Woo, Cha Seung Won and Kim Seung Woo
T.O.P: “Because of Into The Fire, I had the chance to know these 3 married men. It was because of them that I thought of getting married for the first time. The hyungswould get calls from their wives from home and I thought that that’s how men should be. I thought that it was very manly and that I would look more handsome and great if I was like that too. By seeing how they are more stable now that they are married, the thought of settling down came to my mind.”

4) Yang Dong Geun
T.O.P says, “He’s the senior who made me first taste how it is to act and change my role from being a singer to an actor.” The first time the two met was in the KBS drama, I Am Sam. He explains, ”I was not that interested in acting then because I felt more burdened in front of the camera than when I am performing on stage. I thought that it was not the place for me. However, hyung (YDG) told me, “To me, you’re a kid who can have a very promising future in this field.” This really gave me strength especially since he’s not exactly ac talkative person. I believe he said this from his heart. Thanks to him, I now have interest in acting.”

source: omonatheydidnt


One response to “TOP’s “relationship map” revealed!

  1. I like T.O.P so much.Fighting guy!

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