Teen Top Niel knee injury pushes comeback to 13th

Teen Top‘s main vocal Niel injured his knee. Their agency has postponed their comeback a week to January 13th.

TOP Media stated on the 4th, “We planned to have a comeback the first week of January, but due to Niel’s knee injury that happened during the last week of 2010 while practicing dance routines, we had no other choice but to give him a break and postpone the comeback to 13th.”

Through their official homepage on January 3rd Teen Top has revealed that their 2nd single album title ‘Transform‘ would be representing “a new upgraded image like what the title means.”

It was said that the new album’s 3 music video teasers would be revealed on January 5th, 7th, and 9th.

source: hellokpop


One response to “Teen Top Niel knee injury pushes comeback to 13th

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