K-pop’s Inked Fashion

Before Lady Gaga, Korean stars were known for their tacky fashion sense and their trend starting outfits. It seems like tattoos are becoming the latest trend among Korean stars!

So who are the Korean stars who went through the pain of getting a tattoo done?

JYJ‘s Yoochun and Jaejoong show off their tattoos:

BEAST JunHyung:

On his collarbone, the tattoo reads in English, “Born again still your son“. On his arm, the tattoo reads, “Take a hold of today. And only believe in the word ‘tomorrow’ in the smallest way you can“.


The two tattoos on his inner arms were done at American rockstar PINK‘s ex-husband Carey Hart’s tattoo parlor, Hart&Huntington.

On GD‘s left arm inscribed “moderato“, which is a musical term for moderate timing or moderation. And on his right arm is “vita dolce“, which means sweet life.

Hwang Bo:

Jay Park:


The tattoo is letter “B” with angels popping out from the two circles of the “B.”

4minute HyunA:

Some fans thought that HyunAh’s tattoo is real, some are saying that it’s fake and it’s just a make-up for their I My Me Mine promotions. According to a fan, HyunAh’s tattoo reads “My Mother is the fuel that’s keeping…

Super Junior’s SungMin:


During the live broadcast of Mnet M!Countdown on 29th July, stars like Narsha, miss A Fei, MBLAQ Lee Joon, DJ DOC Jung JaeYoung were seen with a similar ’0826′ tattoo printed on various parts of their body during their stages.

Tattoos now are just common  in the K-pop world with many idols having them already.

credit: Lexiane@hellokpop


2 responses to “K-pop’s Inked Fashion

  1. at first Hyunas tatto means: “My Mother is the heart that keeps me alive” and second Lee Joons tatto is fake, it is only painted for the stage “One better Day”
    but its pretty cool that you have found out about every tattoo…
    great work! 😀 i like Junhyungs tattoo on the collarbone the most….

  2. jasmineisidro.3

    hyuna kim ur the best

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