Jo Kwon & Ga-In share a ‘kiss’ on Christmas

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In were met with another obstacle in their Christmas event on this week’s “We Got Married.”

In celebration of Christmas, the couple went on a cafe date and reflected on their year as a couple. The cafe even began playing their “We Fell In Love” song, bringing out some nostalgic moments. And as if on cue, snow began falling outside, leading Jo Kwon and Ga-In to rush outside and dance.

Unfortunately, their almost-perfect date was put to an abrupt end when the couple tried to make drawings in their coffees. Jo Kwon’s drawing ended up looking like an alien, but Ga-In wasn’t quite successful either, leading her to eventually get tired of the process and abandon it.

The couple was met with another problem when the CD Jo Kwon prepared wouldn’t play, making many wonder whether it woud be another failed event following Jo Kwon’s failed one-year anniversary event.

Fortunately, Jo Kwon’s ‘ice-rink proposal’ was a hit!

Jo Kwon re-arranged “Happy Me” into his own style and sang it for Ga-In at an ice rink, moving her to tears. Despite her eyeliner smudging all over her eyes, Ga-In tried her best in showing just how touched she was for Jo Kwon’s efforts, contrasting sharply compared to the past.

In response, Ga-In sang back “Happy Me,” leading Jo Kwon to flash his happiest grin yet. He even asked, “Don’t you have anything more for me? Kiss me!”

Ga-In accepted his confident request and gave a kiss not on his cheeks, but on his lips, due to Jo Kwon moving his face the minute Ga-In attempted to kiss his cheek.

source: allkpop


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