JYJ’s Korean Album Tracklist and Preview

The end of the year is approaching but before it arrives we bring you a preview of JYJ’s Korean album.

JYJ’s new album is set to be released on January next year. It has been said that it will have the form of a photo essay.

Now we bring you the track list and a short preview of the album.

The album will include the following songs:

1. “Mission”
2. “Nine”
3. “Pierrot / Puppet”
4. “Fallen Leaves”
5. “ID.S”
6. “Nameless Music part1″

And here is the preview of them:

1. Mission

2. “Nine”

3. “Pierrot / Puppet”

4. “Fallen Leaves”

5. “ID.S”

6. “Nameless Music part1″

Here is the translation for the rap:

Have I ever told a story like this?
The last few months of 2003 the members practicing on stage, easily won the first competition
Became the newcomers of 2004, won many newcomer awards
We weren’t yet satisfied and couldn’t help but desire for more
The year 2005 we debuted in Japan, originally thought it would be as easy as it was in Korea
But when our first single only sold 4000 copies, we lost our confidence
Can’t do anything about this, our work, apartment, and company became our prison
Too much loneliness, tears and anger
Making us become one, no matter what happens we will be together

(cr: c-jes.com, @wickedinutopia, @TVXQHOME
translation cr: baidutvxq, shared by syc)

source: gokpop

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