Infinite’s MV Teaser Causes Controversy

This year there have been many issues about the contents of the MVs and we couldn’t end up the 2010 without more problems.

The teaser presents Infinite’s members Woohyun and L fighting each other.

There are opposite comments about this teaser, some people are praising it because of the good quality and movie style, however others are saying that it is too violent.

Infinite’s agency has commented that all of the misunderstandings are going to be cleared once the full MV for ‘Before The Dawn’ is released. The agency continued by saying that viewers should pay a special attention to the storyline.

So what do you think? Is it too violent or perhaps everyone is just exaggerating. To be fair I think we need to wait until the MV is revealed to have an opinion about it.

source: Gokpop


One response to “Infinite’s MV Teaser Causes Controversy

  1. New fan of Infinite here~ ^_^

    Something like a dark -movie-theme like this preview is ~PerfecT~ because I prefer it over the happy-feeling-go-colorful music videos. xD

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