JYJ Answered the Three Questions Reporters Were More Curious About

During a recent interview on December 15 with Sports Hankook the boys spoke about three subjects that are a huge concern for the reporters and fans.

They were asked if they have contact with Yunho or Changmin, but unfortunately they said they haven’t been able to.

According to Jae Joong he said that they have tried to call them a few times, and even were able to talk with them but it didn’t work.

Junsu revealed that they support the comeback of the boys as DBSK, and that Yunho and Changmin know about this. They also talk about the possibility of performing on the same stage one day, Junsu said that they would do it only if it is possible, and Yoochun said that it is an open possibility but it would actually take a long time.

About taking an independent path they boys confessed that they actually don’t regret it even though everything became so deserting.

Junsu revealed that in the past everything was easier. They used to have 10 choices available instead of the two or three they get now, and that things that used to take one or two tries not take more than ten.

JYJ also talked about the reason behind they are not promoting in Korea. Yoochun said that even if it looks like they are resting they are actually doing a lot of activities. During the time after releasing their album they have been promoting all around Asia and in the united Sates, however it is difficult to do it in Korea due to the fact the broadcasting companies usually ignore them.

JYJ actually do want to promote in Korea, but they can not do it.

source: gokpop


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