End of the year awards total for JYP, SM, and YG artists

Another year has come and gone, and the media has totaled the number of awards for all of the artists from the three biggest entertainment companies in Korea: JYP, SM, and YG Entertainment. The question being asked is, “who brought in the most awards this year?” By a very close margin, JYPE artists brought in 14 awards this year, with SM artists taking in 13, and YG artists following with 11 awards.

The awards were totaled from the three award shows: 2010 MAMA, 25th Golden Disk Awards, and 2010 Melon Music Awards.

JYP Entertainment:
2010 MAMA – 7 Awards
2AM (Best Group Vocal)
2PM (Male Group, Best Dance by Male Group)
miss A (Song of the Year, Female Rookie, Best Dance by Female Group)

25th Golden Disk Awards – 3 Awards
2AM (Yepp Digital Music Daesang, Digital Music Bonsang)
miss A (Digital Music Bonsang)

2010 Melon Music Awards – 5 Awards
2AM (Top 10, Song of the Year)
2PM (Top 10)
miss A (2010 MBC+ Star, 2010 MBC Media Special)

SM Entertainment:
2010 MAMA – 1 Award
BoA (Female Singer)

25th Golden Disk Awards – 8 Awards
BoA (Disk Bonsang)
SHINee (Disk Bonsang, Popularity Award)
SNSD (Daesang, Disk Bonsang, Popularity Award)
Super Junior (Disk Bonsang, Asia Popularity Award)

2010 Melon Music Awards – 4 Awards
SNSD (Top 10, Artist of the Year, Hot Trend)
Super Junior (Netizen Popularity Award)

YG Entertainment:
2010 MAMA – 7 Awards
2NE1 (Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Female Group, Best Music Video)
GUMMY (Best Solo Vocal)
Park Bom (Best Digital Single)
Taeyang (Male Singer Award)

2010 Melon Music Awards – 4 Awards
2NE1 (Top 10, Most Popular Album)
GUMMY (Special R&B Song)
PSY (Concert Award)

However, it should be noted that some of the companies did not attend certain shows. SM Entertainment and MNet have had bad blood in the past, despite their current “truce”. None of the SM artists attended MAMA this year. At the 25th Golden Disk Awards, YGE artists did not attend, and the show has a strict policy of no show-no award. No YGE artist has won an award at the Golden Disk Awards since 2007, where Big Bang won a Bonsang. It’s been said that YGE does not attend the Golden Disk Awards due to a dispute. Despite some small conflicts, JYP artists have managed to attend all of this year’s award shows.

What do you think about the results of total awards per company? Does it signify anything? Should it signify anything? Do you believe that bias and certain problems that have arisen affected the way the awards were given out?

source: koreaboo

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