Snow flower prince BEAST ‘Beautiful’ in outdoors amusement park ‘Want to go together with BEAST’

BEAST has firmly became a ‘Boyfriend-dol’.

BEAST(Yoon Doojoon Yong Junhyung Jang Hyunseung Yang Yoseob Lee Kikwang Son Dongwoon) performed ‘Beautiful’ on MBC ‘Show! Music Core’(MC SHINee Onew, Minho, T-ARA Jiyeon, Miss A Suzy) broadcasted on December 4th.
On these day, BEAST performed in an amusement park instead of ‘Show! Music Core’ stage. BEAST showed more of lovely aspect in the outdoor amusement park which was decorated for a Christmas Event.

BEAST is expected to have their first solo concert in Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium on December 12th. BEAST, who have already had a showcase with one million seats before the actual debut in Japan, is practicing very hard to show their different side through their first solo concert, that have not been broadcasted through TV.

Meanwhile on ‘Show! Music Core’, S.M. the Ballad debuted and Sistar came back. Girl’s Generation and U-Kiss had a good-bye stage. Also, Kara, Psy, Orange Caramel, BEAST, Untouchable, Byul, Yoo Ri Sang Ja, 2AM, Oh Won Bin, Chun Ji, Co-de School, VNT, Double K&Bobby Kim, Kim Jang Hoon, Buzz appeared on the show.

Newsen (SOURCE)

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