December issue of ‘Singles’- California Dreaming:Se7en & Park Han Byul

Even though there were rumours about you two dating from debut, it was only in 2009 when a photo you two took together surfaced online that your relationship was made public. What was different before and after admitting to the relationship?

Se7en: Alot of the ‘hardcore’/loyal fans left. Why wouldnt I feel sad..they were a bit part of me. But because the fans remaining now are ones who understand/accept my situation and treasure me, we have become closer. Thank you. There are both good and bad points [to admitting to the relationship]

PHB: Even though many loyal fans left, it seems that our image has gotten better in the eyes of the public.

It’s because you guys met each other in your late teens and have dated each other devotedly for nearly 9 years. But it’s amazing how you were able to date each other without being discovered for so long.

Se7en: Everyone who knew, knew (like people who were concerned knew already). Actually we didnt really go out much. We either met inside a car or if we met outside, we would meet in the middle of the night at a place where there were no people.

That makes me think of the story you told about the Lotte world date on ‘Knee drop guru’. Now, even if you guys hold hands and appear at Chong dam dong, noone will say anything. Recently, Se7en’s new song ‘I’m going crazy’ ‘s music video has gathered alot of interest because it features both of you. How did that come about

Se7en: ‘I’m going crazy’ is a song which expresses the mentality of a couple who have dated for a long time but cannot understand each other anymore resulting in separation. Producer Teddy, who is a hyung who I have been close with since younger, suggested for me to be in the MV with Byul. After the company had decided to film the MV, I was the last one to be informed. Ha ha, what can I do, I had to do it. In the MV, alot of our story went into it.

The fighting scene was very realistic, was there an episode during the filming?

PHB: Once the filming started, we had to be serious and fight with each other. But just before the filming started, we were still laughing and mucking around, so having to suddenly fight, we found ourselves bursting into laughter and having lots of NGs. Because I’m an actress, I’ve seen alot of acting but watching Dongwookie act was really funny.

In real life, what do you guys fight over?

PHB: We fight alot over little things. We fight the most over what to eat, and the lack of attention/concern from the man is the root of alot of arguments. Isnt it like that usually? When a woman fights with a man, the man is usually the wrong one.

Who’s the one who apologises?

Se7en: Depending on the situation, the person who was wrong during the argument naturally apologises first.

Was there a moment the relationship was in danger of breaking apart?

Se7en: Although of course there were times when we fought, there has never been an instance where I thought our relationship would fall apart or thought about separation.

PHB: Although there were instances when there was danger [of the relationship falling apart], if you tell me to think of one now, nothing comes to mind.

Se7en: Usually isnt this the case? A couple who separates starts dating again but separate again for the same reason. But for us, we’ve never fought to the extent of breaking up and we’ve never broken up. Usually for couples who have dated for a long time, it seems that many of them break up and get back together repeatedly, but I’ve never thought even once about breaking up.

How amazing, not separating even once in close to 9 years. What do you think if your secret to getting along with each other?

PHB: Our personalities are totally opposite. Although it seems that Se7en is a man and I’m a feminine woman, in reality, it’s the opposite. If you look at couples who have been together for a long time, the girl usually becomes ‘cool’ (ie calm) compared to usual girls, and the guy becomes more sensitive than normal guys. If the guy is too macho and the girl is too girly, it seems that it wont last. Dongwookie, compared to other guys, is also a little less manly and I have more ‘manly’ characteristics compared to my peers.

Se7en was in LA for 3 years for his American activities. It seems that the US debut was not as easy as thought initially..what was the hardest thing?

Se7en: Because the company in charge of the promotion was a new company, I was not able to have a proper performance even once. On top of that, for the first time since I was born, I came to feel the feeling of loneliness. Of course in the beginning it was fun. But as the time I spent alone became 6 months, 1 yr, 2 yrs, no matter how much I had adapted, I still felt lonely. It seems that the only thing I felt was depression and things didnt turn out the way we wanted. Things did not head in the direction I had wanted them to and as those things accumulated, I had a hard time.

PHB: You can say that Dongwookie experienced the feeling of ‘failure’ for the first time in his life. He grew up with nothing lacking, was able to be involved in the music scene from a young age as he had wanted to and from that, it was a successful path for him. Even though it cannot be said he failed in the US, he came to realise that in your life, there are times when things dont go the way you think they would. It seems he didnt know this feeling in the past. His life was always happy and only filled with happy things. Sometimes in life, you might feel depressed or lonely for no particular reason. Dongwookie couldnt understand those feelings in the past but spending time overseas for a long time, he came to know what loneliness and depression was. Because we are people who have feelings and need to express those feelings, it is necessary to know what those feelings are like.

Se7en: Even though it was hard, I got alot more out of it. In the US, I experienced various things which has created more confidence in me. My dancing and singing skills have both improved and I also gained confidence towards the things I was doing. For the things which are important to me, I work harder to grab onto them and I dont ponder on things which are useless to me.

Who is your life mentor?

Se7en: It’s not just one person. Yang Hyun Suk sajangnim is one of those mentors. The thing I respect him the most for is that he is the best in his own field. When he was young, he was passionate about dancing so he became the best dancer. Now he is one of the best producers of our country, also he dated a woman for a long time and now has become an outstanding head of a family. He’s got his work and private life well balanced and that what I want to be like as well.

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