Super Junior M’s comeback in 2011

On a show “Celebrities Bringing You Around Seoul”, Super-Junior-M was given a chance to experience Korea’s traditional sport, Taekwondo.
On the filming date, the members had told the fans that they were already in the process of recording a new album. And that they are going to start with promotions across China as soon as they finish their album. They also said that their new album will bring their fans a “fresh feeling”.

source: team41


6 responses to “Super Junior M’s comeback in 2011

  1. SujuM fighting…! I support u forever….^^

  2. Yayy!! I can’t wait, especially if I get to see more of Henry 😀 ❤

  3. I wonder if Zhou Mi would be contributing in this new album…he’s so talented that i hope he would pen some songs. Would definitely support them and am glad they are finally making a comeback.

  4. Eunhyuk and Sungmin are nice additions to Suju M 🙂

  5. love u suju M…. oppa kyu

  6. nur ardhilawatiELF

    eunhyuk saranghae

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