2NE1 Releases “Don’t Stop the Music” by Fiore (Yamaha CF Version)

To anyone familiar with the Korean entertainment industry, it is no surprise that idols are constantly picked to endorse everything from phones to clothing lines. This exciting fact is sadly not so popular in many other countries as frequent as Korea.

Idol group 2ne1 however have created such a powerful image and so much fame that they are even being asked to different countries to endorse products. This is no surprise since a soar in popularity with their album release To Anyone, and the information that with the help of singer/producer Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas,) 2ne1 will attempt to break America, Canada, and Australia in 2011.

Their catchy new song, Don’t Stop The Music, was created to endorse Yamaha Fiore scooters and the music video has just been released. The music video is done in the visually stunning style we expect from 2ne1 and YG, but the music has an interesting edge to focus on.

Their music has always been edgy and powerful, and their dances just as fierce (especially in this video,) but music connoisseurs will notice that the song has taken a further step towards a “western” direction, with a song that would market well in America.

Check out the MV below, as usual with 2ne1, you won’t be disappointed.

source: hellokpop


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