The Process Of Choi Siwon, Super Junior Member, Growth Has Been In The Center Of Attention

Recently, Major sites in South Korea disclosed Siwon’s pictures starting from kindergarten to high school graduation photos of each period of life, attracting the users attention.

Siwon’s natural beauty can be seen through these pictures, preschool and now he looks exactly the same, while in the bath tub the funny face is exactly the same as the current Siwon.

High school graduation photo is very special, he already has a star appearance, flawless white skin, tall figure compare to his classmates.

He has most eye-catching look. People may think that he has already capture quite a number of girls’ heart as he received a steady stream of confession letter.
After seeing the pictures, fans are full of praise :[The Beauty of Choi Si Won]
[He is simply God’s Beloved ~] [How can one person be so handsome?] [He is more handsome in real life!] etc.

Source: TVDAILY=金智贤记者 | Via: Baidu
Translations By: @13elieveSG


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