Gummy & Bobby Kim Love Recipe MV

Bobby Kim and Gummy, the two hottest artists for Korean soul music, have come together for a collaboration track, “Love Recipe,” which was released on November 23rd.

The two shared that they had often talked of wanting to work together, and were finally able to collaborate for this simple R&B song with a unique piano riff and groovy rhythm. Their powerful vocals also fit well with the song’s main lyric, which croons, “Love can sometimes be foolish and corny, but it’s important to be truthful when in love.”

YG Entertainment revealed, “Both of them always loved each others’ music and often talked about wanting to collaborate. An opportunity finally came up for them through ‘Love Recipe.’”

The music video for “Love Recipe” also showcases Gong Yoo and Im Su Jung’s latest movie, “Finding Kim Jong Wook.”

Bobby Kim, Gummy and Wheesung will also be opening a concert titled “The Vocalist” for December 30th and 31st. The concert last year managed to gather 30,000 music fans, and showed its potential as a brand.

Check out the MV for “Love Recipe” below!

source: allkpop


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