Battle of the cards between SNSD and Kara

Recently, ‘New Korean Wave Craze’ sparks an off-the-stage battle of star cards between SNSD and Kara. SNSD and TVXQ’s Star Collection Cards were launched in December 2009. Besides the fact that these cards are convenient to carry around, the fun and excitement in collecting rare and limited edition cards are among the important contributors to its popularity among fans.

The hot topic about the ‘showdown’ came up following the release of Kara’s own line of star cards, shortly after SNSD’s Volume 2.5 cards were unveiled. SNSD’s Volume 2.5 Star Collection Cards highlight the girls’ energetic and youthful image. Kara’s Volume 1 Star Collection Card has 105 cards in total, giving out a strong and stylish feel about them.

There has been explosive response and interest in these Star Collection Cards, particularly in Japan.

source: fanwonder


One response to “Battle of the cards between SNSD and Kara

  1. Snsd Is Totally Going TO Win

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