SHINee’s Minho shares thoughts about his acting in the ‘Pianist’

SHINee’s Minho will be making his acting debut through KBS’s upcoming drama, ’Pianist‘, and he recently shared some of his thoughts behind the new project.

‘Pianist’ is a classic melodrama that illustrates a story about a piano mechanic who’s also a prodigy on the piano. To prepare for such a challenging role, Minho confessed, “I’ve been practicing piano a lot. I’m currently practicing Chopin’s ‘Ballad Arabesque‘, among other classical pieces.

He continued, “I would to like to neatly develop my acting career and spread my name, while showing a different image to my fans on stage. I will keep working until I’m accepted as a good actor.”

Minho will star alongside actress Han Ji Hye, who’s slotted to play as a fixed-term instructor and Minho’s love interest. ’Pianist’ will begin airing on either November 27th or December 4th, depending on the replay schedules of the ‘Asian Games‘.

If you haven’t watched the teaser for the drama special, check it out below:

source: allkpop


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