Big Bang Comments Their “Marvelous Cream” in a Video!

*Daesung: “My ice cream is Melon! (laughs) (Taeyang says: “Mehrrong” ) Melon, and cake. It’s amazing don’t you think?”

Seungri: “Yes, I’m V.I! Uhm.. My ice cream’s flavor is raspberry white chocolate. It’s a flavor that is similar to myself.”

Taeyang: “Hello. I’m Sol. My ice cream is chocolate with banana! Above the banana ice cream, chocolate syrup has been (makes topping motions with hand) put on. Then beneath the banana ice cream, there has been added chocolate ice cream again. It’s an amazing flavor.”

G-Dragon further explains that his flavor is strawberry and rose chocolate “It’s really good” he says. TOP continues in Korean and explains, “My ice cream is made of strawberry and azuki beans”.

Seungri continues, “Well then! Now we will eat them!”

Taeyang: “You’ve never seen this before!”

At the end they all eat it while they express how tasty it is, and also taste each other’s flavors.

*Editor’s Note: They find Daesung’s “Melon” funny because it sounds similar to “Mehrrong” which is a Korean word for the action, or the sound you make when you stick out your tongue like “:p”. Similar to when you make fun of another person. So basically it’s funny that Daesung’s flavor is “Mehrrong”.

So which flavor do you want to try?

source: gokpop


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