The story behind The One and Taeyeon’s relationship

The duet between SNSD’s Taeyeon and her vocal teacher and senior singer The One hit online music sites on November 17th.

The story behind their get-together is an interesting one, as The One used to be Taeyeon’s vocal teacher since her pre-debut days. He revealed, “Taeyeon had a unique voice ever since she was little, so she’s one of my favorite students. She’s always exceptional in everything she does and I knew 100% that she’d grow up into a great singer.”

The two previously came together in 2004, before SNSD’s debut, with the track, “You Bring Me Joy,” for his personal album release. Despite being a trainee, they promised one another that they would meet each other at the top.

The release of “Like A Star” caught the attention of many top stars, as it was produced by hitmaker Jo Young Su and a 50 member orchestra.

Representatives of The One stated, “We’re thankful for the interest. The song is a captivating combination, and we hope this duet track receives th econtinued love of the public. We’ll continue to release surprising duet tracks and create new trends.”

Source: XSports News
Credit: Allkpop


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