T-ara’s Jiyeon cries on Dream Girls

During a filming of T-ara’s Dream Girls, Jiyeon burst out into tears. Dream Girls is a show where the T-ara girls get to experience other jobs that women can do. In this episode, Jiyeon was training to be a stewardess, and while she was getting trained on how to act in an emergency situation, Jiyeon started to sob.

Even the staff were surprised by Jiyeon’s actions because she usually tackles anything with fervor. Eunjung explained, “Jiyeon didn’t complain before, but the stewardess training is for college graduates. Jiyeon’s only in high school, of course it’s going to be hard for her.”

Her trainers expressed their disappointment by saying, “Jiyeon always aced the other lessons, so we thought she would do well this time.” This episode will be broadcast on the 17th. Are you guys ready to see if Jiyeon can get over her tears and train again?

source: koreaboo


2 responses to “T-ara’s Jiyeon cries on Dream Girls

  1. she looks like Leah Dizon, her eyes smile exactly.

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