T-ara’s new member becomes a hot issue amongst netizens

T-ara’s new member is becoming a hot issue amongst netizens because she is the twin sister of Co-Ed’s Hyoyoung. T-ara is set to a comeback at the end of November with Ryu Hwayoung, who is the younger of the two twins.

It has been revealed that Hyoyoung recommended her little sister as the newest member of T-ara. Hwayoung is the same age as T-ara’s current maknae Jiyeon, and it was reported that she had been working day and night for the new album.

In last week’s Star Golden Bell, Co-Ed and T-ara starred together. Hyoyoung was one of the stars on the show, and after she introduced herself, T-ara’s Soyeon revealed that their newest member was Hyoyoung’s younger twin. They joked that they weren’t sure if it was actually one person pretending to be two because they looked so identical.

Are you looking forward to T-ara’s comeback with their newest member?

Source: News Hankuk | Koreaboo


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