7000 People Gathered for JYJ Las Vegas Showcase… “Positive local fans response”

Active as group JYJ to promote the first worldwide album ‘The Beginning’, JYJ held showcase in New York and soon followed by performance in Las Vegas and got a good response from the local audiences.

JYJ showcase in Las Vegas opened on November 14th at 20:00 local time at Planet Hollywood hotel. In the venue there were more than 7000 fans gathered. The fans had been flocking areas around the hotel prior to the showcase and the group’s agency reported that the members received much enthusiastic response from the audiences.

Moreover, considering the nature of Las Vegas city, it’s actually difficult to gather a lot of people for any event however unexpectedly a lot of fans appeared for JYJ showcase and they’re chanting while waving glowsticks during the performances.

Hereafter JYJ made promise that they would be back again to Las Vegas to show another passionate stage in rewards to all enthusiastic fans support.

In this regard, JYJ agency official said, “The showcase in New York followed by Las Vegas as well, have received great reaction from local fans, ” and “Currently we’re progressing interview with U.S Billboard and MTVK, the response of local staffs is also very good. Therefore we’re expecting a positive response for the full debut album in December.”

Meanwhile intially JYJ was scheduled to have a commercial United States showcase however due to visa turmoil the plan was quickly switched to a free showcase instead.

credit: SSTV
trans: sharingyoochun.net


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