2PM Wooyoung, “Nichkhun is petty..Got mad because of one piece of gum”

2PM’s Wooyoung said “Nichkhun is petty” and at the same time, revealed a side Nichkhun has hidden.

On the 14th, on SBS’s ‘Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate’, 2PM revealed each other’s secret sides through the topic “This friend is like this after you get close’.

On this day, Wooyoung’s info, “Nichkhun is petty” aroused a lot of curiosity. Wooyoung said, “Nichkhun asked for a piece of gum and I said no, and he said ‘okay’ but he turned around and his glare was really fierce.” When Nichkhun was asked “When Wooyoung didn’t give you the gum, did you hate him?” At this moment he looked angry and said “I didn’t hate him but in my mind I thought, “I’ll just buy it myself” and caused everyone to laugh.

On the same day, 2PM members also said on the show, “Taecyeon loves doing aegyo”, “Junsu is cool but he behaves embarrassingly”, “Because Chansung farted, the director stopped filming the music video” and more, causing a lot of explosive laughter.

Meanwhile, on this day’s episode 121 of ‘Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate’, other than 2PM there were Lee Seonhee, Lee Seunggi, Sunday Brunch, Evas, and Song Hobum (OneTwo) who also performed as well.

Reporter Cheon Kyungjin
Credit Review Star
Translated by khy127 @ W2D
May be taken out with credits


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