Taecyeon shows off his aegyo skills on Kim Jungeun’s Chocolate

Beast-dol Taecyeon from 2PM was seen rolling around on stage with an aegyo facial expression on Kim Jungeun’s “Chocolate” that recently aired on November 14th. The softer side of Taecyeon had all the noona’s smiling from the audience, even MC Kim Jungeun who requested the performance herself.

Before doing so, fellow 2PM member Nichkhun said, “Taecyeon seems tough on the outside, but truly, he’s full of aegyo.” This statement led to Kim Jungeun putting Nichkhun’s word to the test by replying, “All right then, why don’t we confirm it,” and then requested for Taecyeon to show off his aegyo.

Taecyeon definitely showed no signs of refusing. He immediately walked out to the front of the stage, flopped down to the ground while resting his chin upon his hands and wavered his legs back and forth in attempt to be in sync with miss A’s “Good Girl Bad Girl” choreography.

What do you think of Taecyeon’s aegyo? Is it cute or should he stick to the beast-dol image?


Source: Nate | koreaboo


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