D.NA’s Karam sends a heartwarming message to fans in Indonesia

D.NA’s Garam recently posted a heartwarming message to his fans in Indonesia.

On November 10th, Garam posted a message in their official fan cafe under the title, ‘Voila! Garam has been resurrected!’. He wrote,

I heard that Indonesia experienced volcanic explosions and earthquakes not long ago. Some of our fans also got hurt. Even if they’re not our fans, let’s pray together for the people in Indonesia having a hard time. If there are people from Indonesia reading this, your bodies and hearts may be tired, but I still hope you haven’t lost your smile.”

Garam also updated his fans on his own health:

“It’s a bit embarrassing having to say this myself, but I got a bit sick not long ago and went to the hospital. I wasn’t as in much pain as all of you may have thought. I was sorry but thankful at the same time when I read the messages from fans later. When we arrived to Japan, I wanted to show a healthy image, so I’m sorry I got you worried. I’m completely healthy now, so please do not worry. I’m eating well, and not only am I learning Japanese, but I’m also learning a lot of new things and having fun singing to pass my days. I was able to get back in full health because of everyone’s supportive messages.”

Garam ended with, “Jay grew 3 cm! The rest have gained weight cause they kept eating. It’s getting cold in Korea too, right? So please keep warm and make sure to eat your meals! Our D.NA fans must keep healthy! That’s the only way we don’t need to worry and continue with our work here. We’re always working hard to show a much more mature image than before.”

It was reported on October 30th that Garam had collapsed after their showcase in Japan, and was taken to the emergency room.

source: allkpop


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